Abstract submission

How to submit your abstract

Abstracts must be send at ISK2017@univ-tours.fr


Deadline for submission of abstract

 Abstracts to be considered must be submitted on August 11th, 2017 at the very latest.


Preparing your abstract

Before submitting, please, check that:

 a. The same font is used throughout the text, especially the symbols. The committee recommends you to use Times New Roman 12pt,

 b. The body text is not longer than 300 words,

 c. The abstract is written in the English language,

 d. One of the authors, whose name should be underlined in one abstract, will be attending the Symposium.

ISK2017 Abstract model


Content of short talk

The best abstracts will be selected for a short talk presentation which will take place in the auditorium following each lecture’s session. This will allow researchers to present their research work at a large audience.

 Fifteen minutes will be devoted to each short talk: 12 minutes for the short talk and 3 minutes for the discussion and any questions.


Preparing your poster

Poster size must not exceed 120 cm height and 80 cm width (↕ 1.20 m, ↔ 0.80 m) including title, authors, names and affiliation(s).

 At the top of the board of each poster the corresponding abstract number will be placed, as indicated in the abstract’s book. All tables, figures and text, written in English, should be legible at a distance of about one meter.


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